Online social networks like Facebook are a great place to do missionary work. With that in mind, we've created the Facebook Missionary Challenge to help you spark casual conversations about the Church with your non-member friends. Sign up below!
Here's how it works:

1. Steve posts a MormonsMadeSimple video to Facebook.

2. His friend Andy sees the video on his wall and adds a comment.

3. A missionary opportunity is created!

Here's how to participate:
  1. You provide us with your name and email address.
  2. Each week, we send you a MormonsMadeSimple video to post on your Facebook account. Included in this email are helpful tips and suggestions that will help you answer any questions that may come up.
  3. You post the video to Facebook and take advantage of missionary opportunities that arise.
  4. Finally, don't forget to join the Facebook Missionary Challenge group so you can share your experiences and to get real-time tips and advice from others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are MormonsMadeSimple videos?
MormonsMadeSimple videos have been carefully designed to address and correct the most common misconceptions about the LDS Church—as identified by an extensive poll conducted by Lawrence Research in 2008 and published in "How Americans View Mormonism". The light tone of the videos, and the fun and fast-paced graphics, make them perfect for online sharing. When used in combination with online social networks like Facebook, these videos provide an easy, non-confrontational way to spark conversations about the Church with non-member friends.

How long does the challenge last?
The challenge lasts for as many weeks as we have videos--which is currently five. However, we're constantly producing more videos.  So your challenge will probably end up being closer to 8 weeks long.

Why do I need to join The Challenge? Can't I just post the videos myself?
The order and intervals of the video content presented in the Facebook Missionary Challenge, as well as the supplemental materials provided in the weekly emails, have all been carefully designed to help you achieve maximum effectiveness in your missionary efforts. Joining the challenge will also give structure to your missionary efforts and provide some accountability.  That said, you're welcome to post the videos directly, and at your own pace, using the share links on our Video Watch pages.

Will my contact information be used for commercial purposes?
Absolutely not. Your email address will only be used for correspondence related to the Facebook Missionary Challenge, and will generally not exceed one email per week throughout the duration of the challenge. At any time you may contact us and your contact information will be removed from our records.

I don't use Facebook. Can I do the challenge for MySpace or Linked In?
Sure. When you receive your weekly email, at the very bottom with be a link to post the video to several other popular social networks.

Why do you embed the videos from YouTube instead of loading them directly into Facebook?
We are trying to drive up the YouTube view counts for these video so that they will show up prominently on YouTube and Google searches.  The idea is to crowd out the anti-Mormon videos on the Internet with more accurate and informative content.  Unfortunately, videos loaded directly into Facebook do not increase YouTube view counts.

Other Ways To Share:

Each video page on this site has a 'Share' toolbar. Here's how to use it:

1. Email Video to a Friend
Click the link. Type your message. And Voila! The video will be emailed to your friend.
2. Post to a Social Sharing Site
Just click the link to post this video to Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, or Twitter.
3. Embed Video in a Website
You can embed the video in 4 different sizes.  Just click on the code and copy into your blog or website.
4. Download Video
All videos are available for download.  Feel free to use them however you like.
5. Add Our Button to Your Site
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Do you have an idea for a video that could help us explain the Mormon faith? If so, please share.